Summer Games 2016

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

World Summer Games 2016 has a huge list of playable events. The game features real physics and high resolution graphics!

The events, which are playable in male or female modes, are:

- Beach Volleyball - Indoor Volleyball - Gymnastics, Floor - Gymnastics, Beam - Gymnastics, Uneven - Gymnastics, Horse - Swimming, 50 Free - Swimming, 100 Free - Swimming, 400 Free - Soccer Match Cup - Soccer Event Style - Track and Field, 100m - Track and Field, 200m - Track and Field, 400m - Track and Field, 4x100 - High Jump - Long Jump - Pole Vault - Diving, 10m Platform - Diving, 5m Platform - Diving, 3m Springboard

All the World's countries are invited and the player can choose any country they want.

The game also features:

- Online high scores

- 60 fps OpenGL graphics

- Full sound effects

Free updates will feature new events!